Sunday, January 9, 2011

Short Short Short

All right, here we go again. After one year of being in production and a few months in pre-production (and neglecting my blog as usual) last Monday I edited the 23rd version (…yes, 23rd) of the combined animatic of my short film, initial animatic with final color animation, sound effects and temporary soundtrack. Right now it’s close to 6 minutes, 5:47 minutes to be precise. Almost 3:00 minutes are completed. Last week I spent near to 35 hours (thumbnails, value and color studies, final drawing and final painting) on a background and it will be on the screen for 3 seconds…I know what you are thinking, but I can't wait to start the next one...

Also, if you are curious of how it’s coming along I have opened as well a twitter account @nicovillarreal and I will be posting updates of my short film regularly.

One of the first versions of the storyboard and some concept art....

Now, check list (don’t you love check lists?) of important “stuff” to animate…or at least that I like to have around( picture included).

1) The principles of animation by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.
2) Barbara’s chair (Bradley) for inspiration and all the help that I can get from her (which I need badly).
3) Tea cup… with Tinkerbell flying (very important)
4) Various quotes. One of my favorite ones by B. Franklin “ By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”
5) Pencil sharpener (the louder the better) and sand paper.
6) My favorite Poem by Mr. Pablo Neruda “ You are the result of yourself” (this one works every single time)
7) Drawings by my favorite animators, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Marc Davis and of course Glen Keane…there is one of his drawing buried somewhere there too.
8) Characters sheets, expressions, construction, body, hands, etc, you know that kind of stuff.
9) Tea boxes and toys, mainly from my childhood. The incredibles, and some He-Man toys, that’s right, a half unclothed Prince Adam (what? The guy was almost naked!), as weird as that may sound he is right there on top of my desk hanging out with Mr. Trap-jaw and Remy from Ratatouille.
10) 2 incredible books by Bill (Maughan)
11) Maquettes of the two characters and the turn around of my character. Very useful referenced when you are beating a drawing up to paper coma, which unfortunately happens all the time.
12) Several crucial notes by Sherrie (Sinclair)
13) …and an animation desk, paper and some pencils would help too.

....the stack of paper is getting thicker....

Signing off for now. 10-4.