Thursday, September 4, 2008

Smiletown Painting and...

This is the painting from the design down below. I received the approval from Chris Kauflin, the writer of the series of Smiletown Books to post it. This is part of the concept art for the 3d short that we are doing.


So....I walked into my office a few days ago, and I found the box of little chocolate bottles (evidence A) that was a gift, scratched open and 6 tiny bottles have been half eaten/drunken. I asked Terryl (Terryl Whitlach, amazing and extremely knowledgeable creature designer) and she said "Yes, that was a mouse". I usually don't post pictures, but I'm proud to say that : A mouse, broke into my office, ate some chocolate, got drunk with scotch, and left.....provably to an after hour office party.

PS: She did also say that "provably it died after that". So, minute of silence. Rest in peace little guy.